Photogrammetry is a digital reconstruction technique in 3D of a physical object.

Thanks to the drone and thanks to the analytical programme, it is possible to model an area in 3D in order to carry out plans, measurements and calculations (lengths, surfaces and volumes).

This technique offers many advantages in the construction, measurement and inspection sectors. The prime beneficiaries of this technical evolution are the geometricians, topographers, building trades and public works, architects, cartographers and industrialists

Helodrone provides the following products :

  • topographic 2D and 3D plans at various scales
  • orthophotoplans at various scales
  • M.N.T. (Digital Terrain Models) and M.N.E. (Digital Elevation Models)
  • calculations of cubatures, differentiation and stock volume, reserves calculation
  • volumetric restitution of built-up areas and creation of 3D models.